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How long will it all take?

This depends on a number of factors that can vary considerably from case to case. A standard transaction, with no complications, will normally take about six to ten weeks. You should expect 6-8 weeks to get to exchange of contracts, at which point the transaction is legally binding and then another 2-4 weeks between exchange of contracts and completion.

Delays can arise for a number of reasons e.g. how long the chain of transactions is, problems getting mortgages agreed, waiting for information from the other sides lawyers etc. Generally speaking, the longer the chain of buyers and sellers the more dependencies there are and the more likely that there will be a delay at some point.

We will always endeavour to move the transaction along on your instructions, as quickly as possible, but we cannot offer any guarantees on time scales and we would advise you to be cautious about anybody that does.

What information do you need from me?

The more accurate information we have about you and your property the more in control of the transaction we can be. Our initial letter to you, which you should receive immediately after you have instructed us, will outline the information we need from you to progress your transaction effectively. Normally there will be some forms for you to fill in regarding the property, your mortgage and also requests for things like guarantees and planning consents if you have had any changes made to the property.     

When do I get the keys?

The solicitors acting for the person that you are buying the property from cannot release the keys until they have received the money. On the day of completion the monies for the purchase are sent to the sellers solicitors via the Bank’s telegraphic transfer system, the money transfer normally takes 30 minutes but depending on the how busy the bank’s systems are on that particular day it can sometimes take up to 4 hours. We will always try to transfer the monies as early on completion day as possible

Where do I collect the keys?

Normally the estate agent that is dealing for the seller will have the keys and will release them to you on instruction from the seller’s solicitor on the day of completion.  
When do I get my money from my Sale?

If you are selling a property, and the monies are not required for the purchase of another property, you will receive it on the day of completion and after any existing mortgage and associated costs of selling have been paid off.